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Tech companies all over the country struggle to communicate clearly, don’t hit revenue targets and miss their growth potential. Our Know + Grow + Scale method uses a proven approach to ensure your tech business is utilizing the most effective marketing strategies possible – at the right time. We offer three levels of support for your company, depending on needs.




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Some say it and some actually do it. Laura and her team actually deliver on what they say. Very few marketing firms actually get results. I would hire Laura and her team over and over and over again. They rock!
Karl Falk

Founder & CEO, BotDoc

The combination of a CMO experienced in tech with a team of go-getters managing the day-to-day marketing of our growing business is invaluable.
Gary Watts

Founder & CEO, Fuse.Cloud

The five star rating does not truly reflect how well The Business Growers have done in the time we've worked together. When you work with Laura and her team it is like having a CMO at your finger tips. Not only do they help with the marketing plan, they are skilled at the execution. And for me, the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) they provide is a lens into the health of our business and how we are doing with our marketing. I am proud to report significant increases in all of our KPIs we measure. Sales and Revenue to follow! If you are not working with the Business Growers and you are not making the leaps you know your team can perform, then you need to give Laura a call today!
Strider Denison

VP Commercial Sales and Marketing, LS Networks

Laura is an absolute pleasure to work with! She was able to quickly understand our needs and deliver a solution which was clear, concise and clarified our brand messaging.
Jonathan Steenland

Co-Founder, ForceNow

Laura and her team have hustled to meet every need of my business to help up elevate to the next level. Their work ethic is bar none and the impact has been immeasurable. It's hard to find a marketing and messaging partner that understands the tech space, but The Business Growers have flexed perfectly into my internal team which led to our very strong outcome. Laura is responsive, collaborative and innovative, not to mention a very very good person. I am so thankful our businesses collided into this partnership.
Amy Kohl

Founder & CEO, AK Operations

A big endorsement to Laura and The Business Growers team! I hired Laura and team to hone our marketing message and update the website. They delivered + exceeded expectations in the process. Specifically, they (i) came at our project in a methodical fashion / ensured we addressed, and incorporated both strategic and tactical sales & marketing considerations alike, (ii) offered their creative expertise in a collaborative manner / made it clear my feedback was key to our success, (iii) were very patient with my (hectic) schedule, and (iv) saw the project to the end by conducting multiple ‘walk throughs’ / making tweaks until I was satisfied we were ready to go live. If you only have time for the A team, hire The Business Growers!

Kristian Marquez

CFA, Managing Director, FinStrat Management, Inc