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At The Business Growers, we believe that without good soil, your tech business won’t grow like it should. Software, hardware and services companies often miss the mark by overthinking their message, complicating their story and implementing the wrong strategies for growth. The vision for a tech firm’s IPO or acquisition is much less of a reality when sales and marketing goals are missed year over year.

After two decades of experience at multiple B2B tech startups and large corporations, our founder and CEO, Laura Johns, saw the struggles tech firms have in breaking through the clutter to communicate a clear message to the right clients at the right time and successfully scale their business.

At The Business Growers, we implement the Know + Grow + Scale method that is proven to detect where tech companies are missing the mark and properly place them in front of the right clients at the right time. With The Business Growers, you can be sure your tech firm has the right foundation in place to grow and scale effectively.

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