Louisiana Retina Case Study

How The Business Growers Helped New Ophthalmology Clinic Build a Patient-generating Website and Optimize Their Online Reputation

New Logo and Website

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About Louisiana Retina:

Founded by Dr. Jordan Burnham, MD, Louisiana Retina is an ophthalmology practice located in Denham Springs, Louisiana, with a mission to serve and care for the greater Baton Rouge community. Louisiana Retina is committed to providing the best treatments for its patients, both new and existing. 

The ophthalmology practice promises state-of-the-art, cost-effective, thorough retinal treatment from helpful and caring staff. In addition, Dr. Burnham strives to modernize his practice by using the latest, safest technology available.

Challenges: Dr. Burnham branched off from a different ophthalmology practice and was starting his new business from scratch. Prior to using The Business Growers, Louisiana Retina did not have an online presence; they had no brand, website or logo and were not searchable on Google. Louisiana Retina did not have Google Maps or Rate My Business and had no reviews from patients. The Business Growers met with Dr. Burnham to create a distinguished brand, logo and website for Louisiana Retina to increase search results, website traffic and online appointment booking. 

Our SEO Strategy

First, we had to build the foundation with a clean, functional and professional website for Louisiana Retina. After designing the website, the next step was to create new content that would generate search results for the practice. SEO-friendliness is key, and The Business Growers used troubleshooting and optimization techniques on the website to generate more traffic. Since Louisiana Retina was a new practice, it did not have a Google My Business presence, nor did it have any reviews. We set up a Google My Business profile for Louisiana Retina, which made it easier for patients to find the business and its website and leave reviews. 

Additionally, The Business Growers provided help in these areas:

  • New content creation
  • We optimized the website’s schema markup to turn up more search results for Louisiana Retina
  • Citation & aggregator creation and repair
  • User experience for both mobile and desktop
  • Ongoing deep competitor analysis and benchmarking

The Business Growers helped me get my business up and running from the very beginning with branding, website and search engine optimization that allowed me to focus on running my practice while they focused on getting new patients in the door.

Dr. Jordan Burnham


The Business Growers transformed Louisiana Retina’s online presence. Before we started working with them, they had 0 searches on Google. After we built their website and optimized it to be search engine friendly, they received over 16,800 Google searches in less than a year, which led to almost 30,000 views for the business on Google. 

Once we set up the Google My Business profile, Louisiana Retina saw enhanced search results and website traffic. One year after The Business Growers stepped in, Louisiana Retina is the number one search result for “Baton Rouge Retina Care” with nearly 40 reviews and 5-star ratings. Louisiana Retina is also the number one search result for over ten similar keywords. This is a stark contrast to the bare online presence Louisiana Retina had just last year. Since January 2021, the practice has been ranked number one on Google, Google Mobile and Google Maps on an aggregate ranking chart in Denham Springs, Louisiana.

Over time, Louisiana Retina’s website built up its credibility using backlinks, which can be hard to achieve with a new business. Through backlinks, hundreds of clicks have been redirected to Louisiana Retina.


Thanks to help from The Business Growers, Louisiana Retina has transformed its online presence, leading to new clients and recommendations. While Louisiana Retina chose to use The Business Growers at the beginning of their marketing and branding, it’s not too late for you to give us a call and see how we can help transform your business. 

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