Meet Sarah

Sarah Ashley

Sarah Ashley is a creative writer and brand storyteller with a background in marketing, currently serving as Content Manager for The Business Growers. She truly enjoys helping our clients tell their stories in a way that ignites the spirit and sparks action.

Her project experience ranges from writing social media copy to blogs, Google ad copy, brand decks, landing pages, email campaigns, and beyond. Leaning into her creative passions, Sarah has also written for a film that is currently on Netflix UK, and she wrote a promotional video script for The 48forward Festival (2022) held in Munich, Germany.

On a more personal level, her mission is to help people help themselves through thought transformation, aided by written word that both elevates and inspires. This is the foundation of her craft at The Business Growers and in each client interaction.

Sarah graduated magna cum laude from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and minors in Marketing and Management.