See How We Transformed MEDI Leadership’s Website

Written by: Laura Johns

We are proud to unveil MEDI Leadership’s new website, built by The Business Growers.

MEDI Leadership approached The Business Growers with a desire to elevate the look and functionality of their website. After a thorough consultation, they decided to move forward with a complete new site build and SEO to support their continued growth. We followed suit with a complete transformation.

A Look at MEDI Leadership

With decades of experience in the healthcare and consulting fields, MEDI Leadership leads the way in executive healthcare, venture capitalist, and insurance payors coaching. They are the nation’s only leadership coaching firm focused exclusively on the healthcare sector.

Their team of over 20 executive coaches offers highly-specialized expertise to help leaders gain the skills they need to stay sharp and successful in our ever-changing healthcare sphere. Many of their coaches are former healthcare executives who have first-hand experience navigating the unique dynamics of today’s healthcare environments.

The Goal: Rebrand and Modernize

Our goals for MEDI Leadership’s website were to build a brand new site that reflected modern design standards, align the site to their expanded target audience and new branding, and refresh the copy.

MEDI Leadership’s existing B2B website felt outdated and was not user-friendly. The imagery heavily focused on physicians in white coats and nurses in scrubs, which did not represent the expanded clientele they were targeting in executive and C-level positions.

Along with changing the site’s visuals, they wanted to undergo a complete brand overhaul. MEDI Leadership desired a more contemporary and modern feel to the site and their overall branding on social media and marketing assets. They came to us with a new logo and brand colors they had created beforehand, and we used them to inspire the new site and refreshed branding.

The Result: A Highly-Targeted, Clean Website

The entire project took approximately 12-13 weeks from start to finish, and we launched their stunning new B2B site on April 17th.

Our team incorporated the new logo and updated brand colors into the website and across much of their branded collateral, such as social media headers, coaching materials, and presentation decks. Their old website had a HubSpot contact form, so we also updated the look and feel of the form’s template to be in line with the redesign. Additionally, we created a video library to host all of their video content, which is a bonus feature that site visitors can utilize in the upcoming months to access more resources.

As a result, MEDI Leadership now has a modern, easy-to-use website that represents their target audience, provides knowledgeable information, and utilizes their new branding. The site’s copy incorporates information about MEDI Leadership’s various types of executive coaching offerings and resources, as well as shares how to get started for clinical leaders, executive healthcare leaders, human resource directors, insurance payors, and venture capitalists investing in healthcare — not just medical professionals working in hospitals.

The MEDI Leadership team captured positive internal feedback from their team of executive coaches about the website’s new design, functionality, and copy.

Deena Fischer, VP of Business Development and Operations, commented,

“Working with The Business Growers was the right decision for us at MEDI Leadership. Our new website, collateral and marketing strategy are top-notch. They have been a great partner to help us further our connection and dialogue with our clients in the healthcare industry.”

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