3 Ways Messaging Can Transform Your Business

There is a lot of noise in the technology industry. It seems like every day there is a new startup, and it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition. In a 2021 article, Harvard Business Review reported that more than two-thirds of start-ups never deliver a positive return to investors. But why? We have a theory. And it starts with one of the most foundational marketing strategies – messaging. A messaging framework allows you to communicate what the company does, the core value propositions, and, quite frankly, why anyone should care about the product or service. Keep reading if you want to learn why messaging is so important for technology companies and how your business can develop an effective ongoing messaging strategy.

1. Messaging offers clear and direct communication.

Leaders of tech companies and startups are responsible for communicating the company’s message to the world. Messaging is the most important marketing tool – specifically for technology companies and startups – because it allows effective and direct communication with target audiences. A well-crafted messaging strategy provides a clear way to articulate a company’s value proposition and differentiates a business from the competition. It is critical for technology companies and startups to have a strong messaging strategy in order to build a successful business.

2. Messaging drives all other marketing strategies.

The investment a business makes in messaging has a domino effect into dozens of other marketing initiatives.  Building a website? What should it say?  Writing social media content? Where do we start? Creating blog copy? What is our strategy? Investing in a strong messaging framework will directly affect the effectiveness of other marketing tactics.  However, messaging will evolve over time as a company grows and changes and as products and services evolve. Messaging isn’t a one and done power-hour exercise. As a business changes, so too should messaging. So, an effective strategy is something to revisit on a regular basis to ensure that it is still relevant and effective.

3. Confusion doesn’t equal customers.

New York Times best-selling author, Don Miller, says “If you confuse, you lose.” This concept especially applies in technology organizations. A confused customer is a lost customer. And a lost customer won’t stay a customer for long.

Grow the right way.

At The Business Growers, we see messaging as the number one most foundational component for proper growth. Our Know, Grow and Scale method helps companies grow the right way, implementing strategies in the right season of their business. 

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