10 Proven Ways to Scale Your MSP Business Through Marketing

Written by: Laura Johns

Struggling to grow your managed services provider business? Want to scale rapidly but need help figuring out where to start? You’re not alone. 

Many MSP owners waste time and money on ineffective marketing tactics that don’t deliver results. Without a proven framework, it’s impossible to attract more qualified leads and boost sales.

With the right MSP marketing strategy, you can see real, tangible growth. Here’s a 10-step marketing checklist the most successful MSPs use to drive sustainable growth and profitability.


#1: Optimize Your MSP Website for More Conversions

Your website is the first touchpoint for prospects ready to research MSPs. To convert more visitors, ensure your website:

  • Uses appealing designs and clear navigation
  • Contains strong calls to action above the fold
  • Loads quickly on all devices
  • Is optimized for target keywords

Improving your website foundation boosts conversions cost-effectively. Why? Among all places to begin conversion optimization, your website is “low hanging fruit.” Often, a simple button placement change or slight layout tweak makes a significant difference.


#2: Create Valuable Content Offers to Capture Leads

Lead magnets like eBooks, templates, and tip sheets capture prospect information for your email list. Send tailored, automated email nurture tracks to build relationships with different groups.

For example, you could offer:

  • Cybersecurity Incident Response Templates
  • The CIO’s Guide to Optimizing IT Spend
  • 5 Ways to Strengthen Your IT Infrastructure

Email automation nurtures leads with relevant content over time, driving conversions. Even in 2024, email marketing will provide an ROI to the tune of approximately $36 per $1 spent. 


#3: Laser Focus Marketing Spend on Highest ROI Activities

Regularly analyze metrics like cost per lead and lifetime customer value. The purpose of analyzing these metrics is to determine the most and least effective marketing channels and campaigns. Doing so, you can refine spending to maximize ROI by doubling down on top-performing strategies and eliminate waste.


#4: Develop & Repurpose Engaging Content

Create blog posts, videos, case studies and more valuable content you can reuse. Answer common customer questions and address pain points within the content. Repurpose content across formats and channels to extend reach and cross-promote. The best repurposable content is evergreen — always relevant to your ideal audience.


#5: Build Your MSP Brand Through Social Media

Stay active on the social platforms your prospects use, like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Share content, respond to comments, advertise occasionally, and analyze performance. A consistent social media strategy strengthens brand visibility and relationships for MSPs.


#6: Prioritize SEO to Boost Organic Traffic

Data shows that nearly 68% of online experiences begins with a search. Optimizing website copy, metadata, links, and more for target keywords earns higher organic search visibility and traffic over time. Conduct keyword research and use the findings to produce long-form content on topics prospects search for.


#7: Run Targeted Paid Ads

Create focused paid search and social media ads based on buyer keywords and demographics. Google dominates paid search, controlling 92% of the market. Though a solid platform for advertising, Bing is also worth exploring to potentially reach a nicher audience. Continuously track conversions to refine strategy and messaging on the ad and on landing pages.

#8: Cultivate Customer Reviews and Case Studies

Leverage satisfied customers to provide testimonials, referrals, reviews, and case studies. Promote these to build credibility and authority as an MSP. Also, display these on your website and on relevant landing pages to build trust with first-time visitors.


#9: Align Marketing and Sales Workflows

Your marketing only works as well as your workflows and systems allow. Document handoff processes between teams. Also, define follow-up cadences and lead qualification criteria to create an easier sales process. Tight alignment improves conversion rates from leads to customers.


#10: Continually Test and Refine Packages, Pricing, and Offers

Run A/B tests on service packages, pricing, and lead magnet offers. Adjust based on the data to maximize recurring revenue. Ongoing testing ensures maximum conversion rates and keeps your business on a steady growth path.


Grow Your MSP With Proven Marketing

This strategic marketing checklist is crucial for any MSP looking to scale rapidly. Focus your time on high-impact tactics that attract and convert qualified prospects. Track KPIs closely to refine efforts over time.

Are you ready to dig deeper? Download our Complete Marketing Framework for Scaling Your MSP Business with more proven MSP marketing strategies. 

If you’re ready to level up your marketing, our team is ready to help. We’ll analyze your current initiatives and build a high-performance marketing plan tailored to your goals. 

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