Client Onboarding and Brand Building: Every Step Matters

Written by: Hannah Nations

In college, I majored in business and communication. I loved the aspects of both and always thought I would do something in either marketing or sales after graduation. Unfortunately, I was one of the many 2020 graduates who were entering the workforce during the worst possible time to find a job. Fortunately, in college, I had a side business painting 21st birthday signs and other commissions, so I decided to turn that into a full-time business. I got my LLC and began promoting my business online and through social media. I enjoyed the creative process and allowing my thoughts to come to life. 

However, I am a very social person and began to get cabin fever quickly. I went from seeing friends in college every day to painting alone in my childhood home, so I was longing for an opportunity that would allow me to use more of my social skills than my artistic skills.  

Career Progression

After a year of doing art full-time, I ended up getting a job at a floral and catering company. I served as a staffing manager and event coordinator before advancing to catering director. During my time in hospitality, I met with clients to plan various events and was responsible for staffing approximately 500 events in 2022. This experience taught me how to work in a fast-paced environment and meet client expectations. After nearly three years there, I felt myself wanting to try something new that involved using my degree and what I wanted to do initially. 

The opportunity to work at The Business Growers practically fell into my lap, and after my first day, I knew I had made the right decision for the next chapter in my life. I won’t lie and say that my marketing knowledge wasn’t a little rusty, but after about two weeks, I was refreshed and ready to get started with clients! I feel so fulfilled getting to help clients and businesses achieve their professional goals while simultaneously achieving my personal goals. 

Past Successes and Achievements

In all of my past ventures, I have been tasked to create/organize something that I wanted the client to approve of. Whether I was painting a canvas for a commission, helping a company plan its annual fundraiser, or now creating websites or social media, I have always longed for the client to be proud of what I have presented. 

One of my first clients as a client success manager here at TBG was receiving a new website and a social media rebrand. I loved the way it looked, and so did he, but even more rewarding was having someone he didn’t even know recognize him based on his social media, and they gave him a compliment for how great and professional it was. That was amazing not only for the client to hear but for me as well. Since this rebrand, this client has had significant success getting new clients and leads. 

Constantly Improving

I am also the onboarding specialist for TBG and would like to think that I have improved this position in some ways. My coworker who did this before me was incredible at this role as well, but with a fresh set of eyes, I could bring new insight as to where we could improve. 

Onboarding is very important, as it’s one of the first things the client does with us after signing, so of course, I want them to have a great experience. With the help of several others, we have implemented a new program that has made the onboarding process better for not only our clients but also our internal team. I am excited to see where this new plan takes us!

Tackling Client Challenges Head On

Brand awareness and brand messaging are very important to a company. One of my clients came in with great successes but most were word of mouth. They realized it was time to make more of an online presence to attract new customers organically. After sitting down with them, they, of course, knew what they did as a company, but each of them explained it in a completely different way. This was when we realized that the company needed to participate in brand messaging to align all of those thoughts so that, when explaining to potential clients, they all gave a clear and concise message. 

Through this, we were able to dig deeper into the company and establish not only a clear one-liner but a tagline that led to a brand refresh. The client’s employees now know the one-liner and are able to explain what their company does in a few short sentences that make sense to anyone outside of their niche. They also now have a new website that clearly describes their company and all of their services so that when new leads come across their website, there is no confusion as to what the company does. 

Accelerating Client Growth

One of my clients came in with a brand new company that was already making moves and closing big deals. Some of these deals were very lucrative and were being done with a PowerPoint she had created and a homemade logo. What she had done looked great, but I knew we could create something amazing for her! We now have created their logo, a PowerPoint template, business cards, electronic letterhead, and new social media profile and banner graphics. 

This took so much stress off of her to be able to focus on building the company. It’s exciting to see your client at the beginning stages of starting a company and knowing that I played a small part in it coming to fruition. 

Looking Forward as a Young Professional

All in all, I feel like The Business Growers has given me a place to plant roots and, no pun intended, grow. I have always been a very self-motivated person and loved working with clients. I find comfort in knowing that when a client is in need of something, I can almost always help them see it through. 

Laura, our CEO, has granted me so much trust that I no longer have to wonder if I am doing the right thing or constantly ask for reassurance. I now have confidence that I have never had before, and it has allowed me to spread my wings and grow in my professional life and in my personal life. My main goal at TBG — and in life — is to create lasting relationships and make an impact on whoever I’m working with, whether it be client-based or co-worker-based. 

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