How to Overcome Sales Objections for Your MSP Sales Team

Written by: Sarah Ashley

Managed service providers like yourself play crucial roles in helping businesses optimize their IT infrastructure and overcome business challenges. However, it’s common for sales teams to face objections from potential clients even if it seems like the benefits of partnering with an MSP are crystal clear. 

Addressing these objections effectively — and early on in the sales process — can make or break a deal. Here’s how your MSP sales team can overcome common sales objections and close deals.

But First, Know This

1. Every Objection Can Be Addressed

The first step in overcoming sales objections is to believe that every objection can be addressed. A well-prepared salesperson understands that objections are not roadblocks but opportunities to educate and prove value to prospects. By adopting a positive mindset and viewing objections as part of the process, the sales team can approach objections constructively and with confidence.

2. Find Their Unique Pain Point

A salesperson’s responsibility is to find the unique pain point for that specific buyer. Generic rebuttals may not resonate with prospects if they don’t address their specific concerns. Engage in active listening and ask relevant questions. Once the pain point is understood, focus on explaining how your MSP services can alleviate those concerns.

3. Target the Buying Team

Time is a precious resource for sales teams. Salespeople should verify that they are engaging with a member of the buying team who has decision-making authority. If the objections come from someone who cannot make purchasing decisions, their objections are not worth your energy to try and overcome.

4. Uncover the Root Cause of Objections

Many objections are surface-level concerns that mask deeper issues or uncertainties. It is the salesperson’s responsibility to dig deeper and uncover the root cause of the objection. Doing so allows you to address the true source of the concern on a psychological level. This approach demonstrates empathy, understanding, and a willingness to solve their problems.

Common Sales Objections and Sample Rebuttals

1. Objection: “We already have an in-house IT team.”

Rebuttal: “That’s great! We can complement your in-house team by handling more routine tasks and offering specialized expertise, allowing your team to focus on strategic projects.”

2. Objection: “Our budget is tight right now.”

Rebuttal: “I understand. Many of our clients actually save money in the long run with our services by reducing downtime and preventing costly IT issues. Can we discuss a plan that fits your budget?”

3. Objection: “We are satisfied with our current IT provider.”

Rebuttal: “It’s good to hear you’re satisfied. However, it never hurts to evaluate other options. We might offer services or benefits your current provider doesn’t. Can we set up a short meeting to explore this?”

4. Objection: “I’m not the right person to make these decisions.”

Rebuttal: “I appreciate that. Could you please direct me to the appropriate person in charge of IT decisions? Or, would you be able to arrange an introductory meeting for us?”

5. Objection: “We have concerns about data security with an external provider.”

Rebuttal: “Security is our top priority. We adhere to industry best practices and standards, and we can customize our security measures to meet your specific needs. Can we schedule a call to discuss our security protocols in detail?”

6. Objection: “We’re too small to need managed IT services.”

Rebuttal: “Even small businesses can benefit greatly from managed IT services. We can help you scale efficiently and ensure your IT infrastructure supports your growth without unnecessary costs.”

7. Objection: “We can handle our IT needs ourselves.”

Rebuttal: “It’s great that you’re capable. However, partnering with us can free up your time and resources to focus on your core business activities while we ensure your IT systems run smoothly and securely.”

8. Objection: “Managed services seem too complex for us.”

Rebuttal: “Our goal is to simplify IT for our clients. We offer straightforward solutions and clear communication to make sure you understand every aspect of the services we provide. Our team will guide you through the process step-by-step and ensure a smooth transition to our managed services.”

You Can Overcome Sales Objections

Overcoming sales objections is an integral part of the sales process for MSPs. Every objection presents an opportunity to prove your value proposition and highlight how your services can address the prospect’s challenges.

Scripting well-crafted rebuttals specific to each objection allows MSP sales teams to consistently educate clients, align expectations, and ultimately close deals successfully. 

For more MSP sales resources, watch our podcast with Michael Fowler where he shares everything he has learned from 20 years of leading MSP sales teams.

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