Marketing Major to Real-World Marketing Leader

Written by: Anna Laster

My path in digital marketing started in college when I was majoring in public relations at Mississippi State University. During our senior year, we were required to take a class called Orgs, where we grouped up with other class members and took on a real business in Starkville that needed help with its current marketing plan.

From there, we developed a marketing campaign that propelled its business and gained traction among the public to promote sales and overall business success. It was eye-opening to not only present our new marketing plan to the class but also to hear what ideas the other students had! 

I learned on that day that there are numerous ways you can take a business from starting small and building it into a large, successful company. The ideas of many people are always better than the ideas of one person. I believe that’s why marketing agencies are so useful. You, the client, will receive insights and concepts from so many different viewpoints!

How I Got Here

After college, I began working at a marketing agency that specialized in the banking and healthcare industries. I gained so much knowledge on how this marketing field can help businesses succeed! From there, I moved to an in-house marketing position for a company that had six locations. 

Even though I appreciated the work I did there, I realized that it is extremely difficult for one person to do the job of countless different job titles. 

When Laura, our CEO at The Business Growers, reached out to me about an opportunity, I saw it as the perfect way to take advantage of both my agency experience and in-house marketing experience and bring my knowledge to MSP companies. 

Looking back, it was the absolute best decision I could have made for my professional career, and I enjoy the work I do here so much!

Past Successes and Achievements

In the year and a half that I have been at The Business Growers, I have helped facilitate the launch of multiple websites, branding projects, and overall management of my technology and healthcare clients. My proudest accomplishments are related specifically to website launches. 

It is very rewarding to take a client’s brand and transform it into a digital experience for not only their clients to use but to also gain them new leads and track how it opens the door for new business opportunities for them!

Making Lasting Improvements

I have helped TBG improve the overall client experience and the level at which we are accessible to their needs and requests. One of the hardest things about being a client success manager is juggling many different tasks at once, all while being able to describe the ever-evolving marketing industry to our clients. 

But now, we have processes in place that give CSMs the tools we need to easily explain reporting, timelines, and project outcomes in an easy-to-understand way. 

Creating Tangible Results

One of my clients — an MSP in the Jackson, MS, area — had been in business for almost 20 years but had never invested in any marketing whatsoever. Their success has been purely word-of-mouth marketing, which is amazing, but that can only take you so far in today’s world. 

I helped organize and manage the entire build of their website from start to finish, with the expertise of our copywriter and developer. It’s still something that I am so proud of today! When you work for months on a project and finally see it come to completion, it’s a great feeling. 

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