ScaleCRM Leverages Automated Customer Relationship Management

Written by: Laura Johns

Imagine a world where sales opportunities and detailed client and prospect data are just a click away, customer relationships thrive effortlessly, and your entire pipeline runs on autopilot. ScaleCRM is our customer relationship management platform for MSPs and IT businesses, streamlining how companies connect, engage, and grow. 

Whether you’re an IT startup navigating the nuances of the market or a seasoned enterprise aiming to refine your strategic edge, ScaleCRM promises a transformation. Hear from the TBG team on how ScaleCRM’s automated features drive growth and foster long-lasting customer loyalty.

What Is ScaleCRM?

ScaleCRM is an all-encompassing CRM platform where our clients can keep up with their leads from campaigns through a pipeline.  

“ScaleCRM is a platform that allows you to organize and connect with your business contacts through different functionalities like email automation, GBP reviews, opportunity stages, and calendars, to name just a few,” says Sara F., who uses the platform daily to execute automated marketing actions for her MSP and IT clients.

Lourdes, our ScaleCRM expert, emphasizes how it “allows a fluent and automated connection between the business and the client.” 

The platform can keep up with sales and business revenue information, as well as track revenue by tracking data within each client’s specific sales system. 

What We Do for Clients in ScaleCRM

Once set up in ScaleCRM, we create strategies for our clients by customizing features within the platform according to their business needs, such as calendars, automation sequences, conversations, notifications, etc. 

Kathryn — a senior client success manager — notes, “We create workflows with different types of triggers for contacts, from email to SMS, allowing our clients visibility into what’s happening with every single prospect.” 

It truly is an all-in-one CRM, as Anna L emphasizes: “We can track sales, track leads, empower our clients with their own custom calendars and automated meeting reminders, send emails, send text messages, create newsletters, and more.” 

When You Can Best Benefit From ScaleCRM

As a client, you can start benefiting from ScaleCRM from the very first moment you’re set up in the platform. Kathryn and fellow client success manager Hannah agree that their clients see results as soon as they get a lead from one of our custom workflows. 

“They’ll benefit when they realize the ROI on cost and time saved. They will be able to feel released from many manual activities, such as following up on clients, booking appointments, and call tracking,” Lourdes explains.

We always recommend having a specific person on your team dedicated to sales only so that we can collaborate together fluidly inside ScaleCRM.

The Best Marketing-Related Functions of ScaleCRM 

Some of the best marketing-related functions of our CRM platform include automations for conversations, creating blogs, email marketing, sending proposals, integrating with other platforms like social media, and having pipeline overviews, calendars, and contact information for all current and future clients with tags on how they came in as a lead.

Sara comments, “I think the email automations are wonderful and, overall, easy to implement. These can be especially helpful when they are set up along with the pipeline stages. So, when contact cards move along the different stages, contacts continue to be in the loop.”

You can leverage ScaleCRM on the front and back end of your ad campaigns, too. Hannah says, “My client’s main use for ScaleCRM has been creating forms for their websites and landing pages and connecting email automation to let the client know when someone has completed the form.”

Why You Should Care About ScaleCRM

Our custom CRM platform offers many different functionalities to help you reach out to past and current clients, organize leads, and automate certain functions — which saves time!

“The platform is all in one. You can have all your conversations in one place (email, social media, SMS, calls), but also reporting, landing pages or funnels, creating tasks, getting reminders, having their calendar open for calls, creating automations, receiving payments, etc. Besides that, you have support 1:1 with our team — no need to wait for a ticket or send an email to get a solution. Also, you have a dedicated CSM that will help you get the best of the platform and create strategies to boost your business,” Lourdes states.

ScaleCRM allows you to get rid of other platforms and subscriptions you are using and put everything into one easily accessible place. 

If you want to make more money than you are making now with your business, and if you want to know how and where each lead is coming from, you’ll never use other CRM platforms again.

Curious about ScaleCRM? Book a call to see our MSP marketing programs and talk through how it works.

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