Tips For Using Instagram Stories

Written by: Laura Johns

We’ve told you how to optimize your Instagram to maximize your business’s social media potential. Today we will dive deeper into Instagram Stories and ways your business can utilize the feature.

Instagram is an all-in-one social media platform. One tool on the app that businesses don’t utilize enough is Instagram Stories. Stories are posted and disappear after 24 hours. While it may be hard to see the benefits of something that disappears so quickly, Instagram Stories are extremely valuable for businesses because of the content you can post.

Instagram Story posts can include how-tos/tutorials, repurposing your website’s content, sharing posts your followers tag you in, behind-the-scenes of your company, deals and promotions, and “secret” announcements.

Tutorials: You should post a how-to or tutorial of a new (or old) product that you want to boost and display. People who view your Story will feel led to purchase your product after learning how to use it, or current customers can feel inspired to buy more after learning more tricks.

Deals and Promotions: Using your Stories to post deals and promotions can push traffic and engagement to your website, which is ultimately the goal of using social media for business. You can post “secret” deals and promo codes on your Story that your followers can only find if they watch your Story. Over time, this will increase your Story’s views because people will watch your Story in anticipation of another deal or promo code. Posting your website content on your Story can drive your website’s traffic, too. You can post quick snippets of your content on your Story and then link people to your website to get the full content.

Behind-the-scenes: A creative way to involve more employees at your business is to post behind-the-scenes moments on your Story to show people what it’s like to work at your company. People are naturally curious, and showing them something they might not know is good for boosting interest and longevity. Additionally, if you are looking to hire people, posting a day in the life is a great idea to garner interest from potential applicants.

Theme Days: If you want to unleash your creative side, try posting themed days, like “Motivation Monday” or “Tips from a TherapistThursday.” These Stories don’t have to be long or too detailed; you can just post a couple of slides with a bit of information that people can tap through.

Shoutouts: Finally, another way to utilize your Instagram Story is to post shoutouts to your followers and clients. After completing a successful job for a client, you can post a picture of what your business did for them on your Story for a job well done. Also, you can just post a shoutout to one of your clients on your Story. Similarly, if people are tagging your account in posts, you should repost the posts on your Instagram Story to show your support and care for clients.

Instagram Stories are an excellent asset for businesses if you know how to use them correctly. If you use our tips, you’ll see your Instagram engagement increase, and hopefully, you’ll have a dedicated following who will continue to click on your Story.

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