Launching GoodJob’s New B2B Website

Written by: Laura Johns

We are proud to unveil GoodJob’s new website, designed and developed by The Business Growers.

Building a beautiful website is one of the best investments a business can make. So when a company reaches out to us about creating a new website, we pull out all the tools to take their site from pre-launch to go-live with success. And that’s exactly what happened with our most recent B2B website build for GoodJob.

GoodJob is the #1 pre-hire assessment software available in today’s marketplace. With their proprietary PATH Assessment®, GoodJob saves recruiters, hiring managers, and business leaders time and money while helping them build a team that stays longer and performs at its best.

The Business Growers are proud to be part of their important brand refresh, and we’re excited to share more about the process and the final website transformation.

A Look at GoodJob

Most organizations today are still utilizing a 100-year-old hiring process that begins with reviewing resumes in an expensive guessing game. With GoodJob, hiring becomes a science.

By combining over 40 years of deep research around hiring, workplace success, and behavior psychology into a single software, GoodJob surfaces high-performing talent to the top of resume stacks by analyzing the candidate’s PATH Assessment® and comparing it to a company’s Job Role DNA™.

With this modern and proven hiring process, GoodJob’s software creates a better workplace for everyone. It makes hiring decision-makers easier and ensures current employees will work effectively with new recruits. It’s truly a win-win for everyone.

The Goal: Shift to a B2B Website

Before their new B2B website, GoodJob’s brand identity was oversaturated by a palette of bold primary colors and images representing job candidates. As GoodJob shifted their strategy to focus on reaching HR leaders and heads of talent acquisition, they desired a less colorful, more professional look.

Their goal was to transition to colors and imagery aligned with their plans to reach business leaders, bringing news of a better hiring process, rather than taking a candidate-centered marketing approach.

Along with desiring their new website to emit a fresh look and feel, they wanted to offer resources and functional tools for organizational leaders to use, such as determining software pricing and predicting ROI with GoodJob.

The Result: A Website with Purpose 

The Business Growers developed a B2B-focused website for GoodJob that reflects the company’s shift in strategy. The new website is clean, fresh, professional, and rich in icons and visuals that clearly identify the advantages of GoodJob over other hiring software.

It contains features designed to smoothen the customer journey, including a user-friendly ROI calculator that shows specific numbers to help HR teams justify migrating to GoodJob’s software.

We also crafted the site’s copy to relay precisely how customers can benefit from GoodJob’s unique approach and their ability to turn 200 uncertain applicants into ten winners.

If you’re an HR leader looking to eliminate the challenges in your hiring process, visit GoodJob’s new website at

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