Leveraging LinkedIn to Expand Your MSP Network & Generate Opportunities


This is Laura Johns, founder and CEO of The Business Growers and host of the Know Grow Scale podcast. If you’ve been listening in the last week or so, you will know that we are transitioning. We’ve been focusing on entrepreneurship and growing businesses, and we will do the same with a little different spin on it.

We will discuss growing your managed service provider business and your IT company. And we’re going to talk today about something we’ve talked about before, which is LinkedIn profile. So, we will talk today about the latest and greatest tips for maximizing your LinkedIn presence as a managed services provider, business owner, IT company, business owner, or CEO.

LinkedIn is the number one platform for lead generation. It’s used by over 94 percent of B2B salespeople, but more than simply having a profile is needed in today’s crowded market. So, if you have a sales team, LinkedIn is a platform you want to use. You’ve got to fine-tune your presence as a CEO, business owner, and salesperson for a managed services provider [00:01:00] to stand out truly.

My goal today is to provide you with some actionable advice to immediately implement to position yourself as a thought leader in your local market. So, actively optimizing your personal and company profiles, expanding your network, and engaging meaningfully are three ways to see more prospects knocking on your door as you beef up your LinkedIn presence.

Let’s start by optimizing your profile. Your LinkedIn personal profile is quite literally your digital storefront. So, you need to make it shine. You wouldn’t want to make your front door unattractive for someone to come in like you don’t want to make your LinkedIn profile unattractive.

You should ensure that you have high quality. Take a professional headshot. Take the time, invest, and get an excellent high-quality professional headshot that looks approachable. Craft an informative headline that speaks to your specialties, includes your bread and butter, what you do quite well, those [00:02:00] keywords that prospects are looking for, you know, for example, something like providing 24/7 managed IT services and cybersecurity to healthcare companies, if that’s what you do.

Something very specific that not everybody can say. Share your expertise through long-form posts. Publish your insights and reactions to industry news. If something comes up from a security standpoint in your industry, make sure that you are spending time to provide your own thoughtful insights on LinkedIn, we like to suggest at least 300 words.

This thought leadership builds brand awareness. It gets you in front of the right people. Eventually, LinkedIn will do its job and find those people that you need to be in front of, but you should be continually. at least weekly, if not a couple of times a week, putting content in your words on LinkedIn on your own personal LinkedIn profile.

You know, my suggestion, too, is to proactively seek these colleagues, partners, and customers. There’s the ability to do a skill endorsement. So, it’s a third-party way that [00:03:00] you can validate yourself and show a testimonial that you walk the walk. So, make sure that you are taking advantage of posting content and then also asking people to do skill endorsements for you and recommendations so that your profile.

That was your personal page. Secondly, let’s talk about your company page. In addition to your personal profile, ensuring that your company page has a robust LinkedIn page is very important. Make sure that you spotlight your services, your successes, customer testimonials, certifications, and your team members.

We want to make sure that people feel like they know us by looking at our LinkedIn profile. Again, just like the door to your business, this is the door to your digital business so that people can get a feel for who you are. Make sure that you’re constantly adding customer testimonials. You want your customer logos and their case studies to demonstrate that social proof and keep the page updated.

If you haven’t posted in a long time, that will signal that you’re irrelevant. So, make sure that company [00:04:00] news, new hires, events, industry updates, and things important to your customer. This helps them come back and keep engaging with you. Also, expand your network authentically to generate more inbound leads, whether you’re in sales.

You’re the owner of the business. You want to really expand that network in an authentic way, connecting with coworkers, former coworkers, vendors, channel partners, industry peers, and customers, and make sure that you are connected to the right people. That is just a simple way of finding people and connecting with them.

You can also search for people using the people search tool. Make sure that you’re not just sharing your information with your parents or your children. You want to make sure that you’re connected to the right people. On LinkedIn, so, expanding that network when reaching out to folks, you have fought to focus with value share relevant articles.

You can do job listings and make introductions, of course, but no overt sales pitches. You want to make sure that you are [00:05:00] establishing trust first. Also, leverage those second-degree connections. You’ll see only ten if people are 1st, 2nd or 3rd-degree connections. The 2nd degree connections are a great way to get warm introductions.

Find out who you’re connected to and just ask the question. Do you mind introducing me? Personalized outreach goes a long way. You can certainly name-drop if you use those connections. So that’s important. Also, engage with your network, stay top of mind in your network’s feed, and regularly comment on posts.

This takes maybe 10 minutes a day. Just spend some time on LinkedIn, sharing content and reacting to updates. If you have an assistant or someone on your team that works for you, have them do this for you. Engaging with that content. Magnifies your reach on LinkedIn. And you just want to make sure that you are staying active and not just randomly posting occasionally.

And then, you’re gone after that. So, you know, just make sure that when you come across these folks and pages, whether they’re companies that you’re prospecting, we want to see you engaging more than just posting from your [00:06:00] profile. I like to say that whenever you go, have dinner with your buddy who sells insurance, and every time you go have dinner, they’re always selling your insurance.

Then you want to avoid going to eat dinner with them again because they’re selling your insurance. So, the way to avoid that is to offer value from your LinkedIn profile and not just try to sell them. As we wrap up, here are a couple of mistakes that you can avoid: first, your keyword stuffing. I’m not sure if that’s something that you’re aware of, but if you want to, just make sure you get as many keywords in there.

That is a way to make your language not seem that natural. This is the same for the website. You don’t want to just keyword stuff. That’s going to affect your content negatively. No fake endorsements. You don’t want just to ask people for endorsements because they’re a name that you think you should be endorsed by.

That’s not authentic. That’s not real. Social media platforms are meant to be authentic. That’s why people love it so much. In conclusion, optimizing your personal and company LinkedIn presence is really important for cutting through the [00:07:00] noise, making your IT services company or your managed services provider really relevant on LinkedIn.

I would say the first step today is to go ahead and start with polishing your own personal profile, getting that headshot, and making sure your profile shines. People are really interested in people. I would say more so than your business. Getting your own page up to date. It is important to get started.

This was just a quick tip or two for optimizing your LinkedIn profile. If you’re a managed services provider, you can learn more about The Business Growers at thebusinessgrowers.com. We’ve got lots of tips on our resources page. Please make sure you check it out, and thanks for listening to the Know Grow Scale podcast.

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