Your In-House Marketing Team’s Guide to AI

In the fast-evolving world of marketing, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a trend but a necessity. AI is revolutionizing the industry by reshaping data acquisition, content creation, campaign implementation, client communication, and reporting. Its strategic importance is evident, with projections suggesting that AI-driven marketing will play a pivotal role in the global economy by 2030.

AI doesn’t replace creativity; it amplifies it, enabling marketing teams to streamline efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, freeing up time for strategic thinking and client relationships. Real-world success stories underscore AI’s tangible impact on marketing’s bottom line. The call to action for marketing teams is clear: AI is an imperative for the present and future, empowering teams to tackle challenges and future-proof their agencies.


Insights and More

S1 : EP.04
Editors PickMarketing

Fast and Intentional Growth with AK Operations

In this podcast, Laura interviews Amy Kohl, Founder and CEO of AK Operations. Amy's business started out of necessity and grew it with grit and determination. In just three short years, her business has exploded, and her team of ten women serve over 40 clients across the country. In this episode, Amy talks about her leadership style, what it's like to employ a team of empowered women and the challenges (and victories) she has faced since AK Operations began.

S1 : EP.05
Editors PickMarketing

Culture and Communication: Best Practices for Business Leaders

Dr. Karen Lindsey, “Dr. K,” is Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication at Elon University. She’s an expert in all things communication and also serves as a consultant for university presidents and business leaders, specializing in personal brand, corporate communication, crisis communication, media relations - all things we should be thinking about on a regular basis as leaders in our organizations. Listen in as we gain insight from her on communication “blind spots” and advice on best practices for business leaders.

S1 : EP.10
Editors PickMarketing

INCOMPAS Rebrand Launches a New Season of Opportunities with Chip Pickering

The Business Growers CEO, Laura Johns, sat down with Chip Pickering, a well-known Mississippian and CEO of INCOMPAS. With The 2022 INCOMPAS Show just around the corner, Chip walks through a transitional time for INCOMPAS with a name change and complete rebrand and discusses how it helped launch the organization into a new season with more opportunities. If you're in the communications industry, this is a must-listen.

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